Day 06

For the presentation for #MeToo I was in a group with Sicillee and ChipVanCorner. We made a group chat on Facebook to make it easier for us to contact each other online other than second life. This seemed to be the easiest place as we were all on Facebook to be a member of the Second Life group page.

First we discussed which sections we should research for the project. I chose to research the timeline. Here is my original word document for my timeline research: metoo

After this we met as a group in second life

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 19.02.57

This made it easier to chat and discuss the upcoming presentation as we we’re able to talk with our mics. We decided it would be easiest to make a presentation on Google Presentations and share it on the day to the rest of the class. Sicillee created the presentation and shared it with ChipVanCorner and I so we could put in our slides.

Unfortunately ChipVanCorner was unable to make it to the presentation day. He put together some articles related to his research topics and sent them to our group chat. Sicillee and I then translated these into the presentation. In total we made 6 slides each.

Presentation day came and our group was the first to go up.

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 20.41.12

This was quite scary as I was the first to speak. I sent everyone the link and they were all able to access it. The presentation ran quite smoothly other than a few word hiccups here and there. Overall I feel our presentation worked and my group were quite easy to work with as we all did our set work. It was also great to see the different approaches that every other group chose to do.


Day 05

For this weeks class John’s mic wasn’t working so he had to type out the class through the text box. As a result it was harder to discuss topics as the text box had to be kept relatively free for John to conduct the class.

The beginning of class was a recap on our blog posts and how we can improve our writing. John suggested that an ‘About Me’ section would be a good idea to include in our blogs.

During the class we also discusses online personas. Unfortunately I had to leave early from the class as I was kicked out of DIT at closing and had no access to the internet.

The idea of online personas is an interesting one. People may play the role of a different personality or different person completely when in a virtual environment. An example of this may be our guest lecturer Site Arm who uses the avatar of a woman on occasion. However, people using a fake online persona can be very dangerous on the internet.

An interesting video that shows these dangers is a Youtuber who, with their parents permission, was talking to underage girls online posing as a guy around their age. He talked to them for roughly four days then asked to meet up with these girls and they were more than obliged to follow. (ref) This video shows how uneducated children can be about the dangers of the internet and how easy it is for perhaps child pedophiles or predators to pose in a different persona online.

In class personal branding was also discussed. How we brand ourselves online. With over 1 billion of us having Facebook accounts worldwide , social media has become ingrained in our everyday lives. Most of our communication happens through social media. It has become a very past paced way of life and it is not uncommon for meetings and social gatherings to be canceled an hour before planning to meet. Each of us have an online personal branding. I find this quite interesting. How our virtual presence and what we post online can effect how people perceive us. How some jobs take a look on your social media before hiring you to see if you’re the right type of person to hire. So should our social medias be a ‘professional’ space? Looking back we may have posted unprofessional and personal posts when we were younger. All of these posts have now been translated into data for corporations.

In other news the #MeToo project is going smoothly. We’ve decided as a group to split up the different aspects of the presentation between us. My job is to look into the timeline of #MeToo.

Day 04

This week our groups got changed. I am not in a group with sicilee and chipvancorner. We made a group chat on Facebook as we all found it the easiest online communication platform for us to use.

During my second life research I came across a famous youtuber, OneyPlays, who did a few videos exploring second life (REF). He would probably be considered one of the ‘trolls’ the visitors from one of our first classes was talk to us about. However, it does show a lot about the second life community and how they can be quite short tempered at times. They fall for the trolls trap by arguing with him and giving him more opportunities to troll them.

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 16.17.42

I feel like this also shows how second life may not be the perfect place for online communication. When all the characters were arguing at the same time it was hard to understand what they were all saying and what points they had to make. Until one person came forward to sort out the situation the situation would not have been solved.

One big flaw for second life communication is you can’t tell another persons facial expressions so you take their words at face value. It’s also hard to tell when one person is about to make a point so words people tend to talk at the same time and words get jumbled up.

Day 03

This week we got given our group project brief ‘MeToo’ where we are to look into the medium of the internet and how and why it can spread a message. This meme was first introduced in October and has since grown to a worldwide scale and has it’s own wikipedia page in less than a month. We also got put into our teams that we will be working in for our group project. My team made a group chat on Facebook and decided we would take the video approach to the project instead of doing a presentation in Second Life. We decided this would be easier as we could all work on our separate parts and JakleYuki said he could put it all together at the end.

During this second life class we discussed working in teams. We were joined by students from America and also by a man called Sitearm who ran the teamwork presentation. Each team member has to have certain rolls in the team to help the team progress. Each member can hold more than one roll in a team especially when you’re in a smaller group of people.

He went through different issues that may come up in a group project, like if certain members weren’t doing their share of work.

I found this presentation quite helpful for the most part. I can look back on it aswell which will help me when my group starts dividing the work among us.

Day 02

During our second class in second life we had two unexpected guests join us for part of the class. Our lecturer John leaves the classroom open to visitors so that other people can freely join the class and see how the module is running. He enquired our guests about their second life experience but only one of them wanted to talk. He told us that he’s been on second life for over 10 years. One thing he stated was that he didn’t really like the community on second life as there are many trolls in the game. During my brief exploration of second life so far i can realise where he’s coming from as come people can be very inappropriate on the game.

For the second half of the class we had to do a 30 second elevator pitch each to help us become more comfortable using our voices on second life. I found this kind of intimidating at first but when it was over i could understand the benefits of doing this exercise.

For the next class we were asked to go around some places in second life and talk to some players. I decided to start off at the main area ‘social island’. The first person i interacted with came to me first and asked me why i was wearing a sword.

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 20.08.59

but then when i tried to have a longer conversation he didn’t seem up for it.

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 20.11.22

I messaged a few more people after that but no one responded, or i was getting really short replies for people who weren’t in the mood to talk.

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 20.13.05

The third person i talked to was very friendly and I actually had a long conversation with them.

I decided to try get some tips for newbies from them and they sent me to an interesting halloween town. There were floating jack-o-lanterns and a stage with skeletons playing instruments. It was very quiet though and there was nobody else there.

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 20.19.48

i went exploring for a bit but then these dogs started chasing after me and bitting me. I wasn’t sure what to do as i’m not sure if you can die in secondlife or not so i tried running away but they chased me for a while.

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 20.23.34

I eventually had to teleport out of the halloween town and to my safety. after this i decided that was enough secondlife for today.

Day 01

I joined the Second Life module as I found it an interesting idea, to have a class in a virtual environment. It is my first time using second life and so far it has been an interesting experience.

The first thing I experienced when on second life was pictures of memes spewing out from all angles. This confused me to put it simply.


Our first assignment for this class was to visit 3 different places in second life. The first place I went was through the ‘Role-Play’ portal on Social Island. I ended up in a haunted mine. Everything was really well designed and looked really authentic. There was even NPC characters to talk to in the mine. I realised i was able to build on the map and decided to build some random blocks. I was then messaged by an admin to stop building things so i ran away.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 10.36.49

For my second place to go i went through the Popular Places portal on Social Island. I was surprised as the portal brought me to Dublin. There was a bunch of people there and was really excited to talk to people as they all seemed really friendly and said ‘hi’ to me when i entered the pub but my second life crashed and was unsure then how to go back to Dublin.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 21.53.58

I eventually found a website that gave you the location of famous places in Second Life. The third place I decided to go to was Portal Park 2. It was a large world with loads of portals to different games within it.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 12.50.51

I decided to go into the PaleoQuest portal which had a monorail track which was supposed to transport you to different places to complete quests to win prizes. I was unsure of how to actually play the quests as whenever i went on the monorail track it just brought be back to where i started.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 14.26.23

It was at this point that i called it a day. I feel like i need to spend a bit more time learning the mechanics of second life to be able to play it better. It is interesting seeing the second life community and how buying and selling works on second life. I’m really excited to continue my second life journey next week.